What would happen were you to cross thePeople and Top Ten Social parties with the legendary PST? Sounds good, right? Imagine Ozumo’s multi-level dinner lounge space re-purposed as a 1980’s Brooklyn loft party, complete with multiple rooms for mingling, dancing, and table talk with new acquaintances.. it doesn’t end. We’ve invited DJ’s heyLove* and Sake One to take over the decks, bringing you one of the very best nightlife experiences in one of the most finely appointed spaces in The Town. The rest is up to you.


Ozumo’s cuisine is offered in an elegant, modern Japanese design-inspired restaurant located in the heart of Oakland’s Uptown District. This sleek and sophisticated space boasts Oakland’s largest sushi bar, a traditional robata grill, an alluring dining room and sake lounge as well as three private dining rooms and chef counter seating; all open during the OAKNYE celebration! We worked with Chef Goolesby to craft an embodiment of artesian preparations for Ozumo’s first prix fixe dinner event, and added two additional bars for one night only. You didn’t look that good to wait in line. It’s an invigorating experience, but that’s never been a problem for you.


first course *pick one / fuyu salad – watercress, persimmon, chicory, tamari roasted pumpkin seed, red onion, honey yuzu su // kabocha soup – Japanese pumpkin, roasted pumpkin seed, coconut cream, togarashi oil

second course *pick one / mixed tempura – seasonal vegetables and a large prawn with housemade tentsusyu sauce // sashimi omakase – 4 pc chef selection // ozumo roll – 4 pc roll with unagi, cucumber, topped with snow crab, tuna, avocado, and sweet soy

third course *pick one / mapo tofu – kinoko, chili paste, negi confit, roasted garlic oil // gyu kakuni – braised short rib, shimeiji, daikon, baby carrot, savory aka miso sauce // grilled miso marinated walu – potato horseradish hash, spinach, and wild mushrooms

fourth course / xnew year’s tea cake – matcha cake, kuromitsu and orange mousse, macadamia nut brittle, satsuma sherbert

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